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Below you will find a brief overview of the Saltillo project along with frequently asked questions.

Project Overview

This is an important milestone in the more than a 20-year effort by the community and Capital Metro to revitalize this property.

The 10 acres of the Saltillo District will include approximately 800 apartments, of which at least 15% will be deeply affordable, 110,000 square feet of retail, 140,000 square feet of office space, 1.4 acres of open space and public art.

The Saltillo District will feature one of the region’s most diverse mobility infrastructure programs, including the established MetroRail station, plus pedestrian paseos, an extension of San Marcos Street, new below and above-ground parking garage, electric vehicle stations, reserved Car2Go spaces, a B-Cycle station and an extension of the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. One of the primary goals of redeveloping this area is to increase rail and bus ridership, and we anticipate that will occur with more than 1,700 people estimated to live and/or work there.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Saltillo Specific

How will redevelopment of this land affect rail service?

There will be no interruption of existing rail services.  One of the primary goals of redeveloping the Saltillo District is to improve the Plaza Saltillo transit-oriented development (TOD) district and increase ridership on both rail and local bus routes.  Turning the Saltillo District into a mixed-use development can help attract new riders to the area while encouraging new and existing riders to make Saltillo a destination.  Endeavor is developing the land to encourage a balance of daytime and evening ridership.

What happens to the rent generated for Capital Metro from the redevelopment of the Saltillo District?

Capital Metro is leasing the land to Endeavor for 101 years and will remain the owner.

What happens to the rent generated for Capital Metro from the redevelopment of the Saltillo District?

The Rent revenue generated from the redevelopment will go into Capital Metro’s general operating fund to support transit improvements throughout the community for the next 101 years.

Is affordable housing included in the development?

Affordable housing is an integral part of the development and will be provided in accordance with the Saltillo Regulating Plan with at least 15% of the housing dedicated to income-qualifying residents who earn an average of 50 percent of Austin’s MFI.

What will happen to the existing historic buildings on the site?

The former Texaco Depot buildings will be preserved and incorporated into the project’s plans.  The original structure of the building, commonly referred to as the Pine Street Station, has already been relocated to another site adjacent to the rail line.

Construction Specific

When will the project be completed?

Site work began on the project on June 2, 2017.  Endeavor is developing this site in one phase over a 36 month period, which will boost ridership.  The single phase also helps reduce possible inconvenience from construction.

What hours is construction taking place during the day?

Typical work hours are 7am – 7pm Monday through Friday, and 8am – 6pm on Saturday.  Occasionally work will occur on Sundays and outside these hours.

What street closures can be expected?

Some street closures will be necessary as part of the construction of the project.   In addition, signage along closure areas will be posted. Please subscribe to receive updates as to when closures will occur.

What parking areas will be unavailable during construction?

The on-street parking that has been removed on the south side of 5th Street will remain unavailable until construction nears completion.

What is being done about the dust or mud from the site?

We are monitoring and adjusting water trucks as needed in order to keep the surrounding streets and areas clear of dust and mud.  We will continue these efforts through dirt excavation activities.